Friday, November 25, 2011

Discolored nails from nail polish?

i wear nail polish ALL the time, i never don't have it one

now my nails are a weird pinkish yellow color...its nasty

what are some home remedies to get rid of it?Discolored nails from nail polish?
Its stain! If its a dark ugly brown purpish black or anything close then its a fungas.

Buff lightly to remove stain.

Dig your nails and soak them in lemons. Use toothpaste, this usually help a bit.

Use a clear nail polish and just wait for it to go away slowly.Discolored nails from nail polish?
Either you have a fungus or your nails are just stained. If you have a nail file kit like the salon (the one you plug in the wall) rub your nails down with that and it should all come off Please answer my question too
First of all don't paint your nails for a while.

Also try soaking them in lemon juice, that works for some people.

But if it doesn't, you'll just have to stop painting them until your nails grow out completely.
They're pretty much stained. You'll just have to grow them out or repaint them to cover it.

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