Friday, November 25, 2011

Whats you favorite nail polish remover also what do you prefere fanta or pepsi?

where do you get your headbands from? and what do you do when you get a headache? do you wear a hat and have you got reading glasses? how many sugars do you have in your tea? are your eyes both the same color? do you have a bathroom in your house and is there also a sink?????????Whats you favorite nail polish remover also what do you prefere fanta or pepsi?
Asuman :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Confused. Should I answer in order or can it be mixed.

I have a better idea. Here is my answer;

I am smoking and having my first beer. We will go for a pee %26amp; poo with my dog soon. I fed the cat.

ADDITIONAL : Welcome back to section Earthling.

Bravo Fahri :))))

Just because you wanted to know Asuman, he had pee and a little amount of poo, less than normal.Whats you favorite nail polish remover also what do you prefere fanta or pepsi?

Did I missed something?

Asuman cloned also ?

My answer is pepsi .
i prefer fanta

i dont use head band

i take 2 apranx fort

i dont wear a hat

i have contact lenses (miyop-astigmat)

in a cup 5 cube sugars, in small tea glass 2 cube sugars

my eyes are both brown

yes i have bathroom in my house and sink too


Please calm down, i understand...
LOOL,1st i was like WTF,then i understood when i read it all,lol funny stuff.

1.i use ';crystal clear'; nail polish


3.I get my headbands from ';Pastaciou';

4.When i get a headache i drink 2 panadol

5.Yep i do wear a hat and no i dont have or wear reading glasses.

6.1 and a half sugar i have in my tea

7.Yes both of my eyes are the same colour

8.Yea i do have a bathroom in my house and yes i do have a sink,isnt it amazing?

Am i now in the group?am i? am i?
1-I don't use any nail polish remover

2-I prefer coca-cola

3-I don't use headband

4-I wait until it passes when i have a headache. I try not to use pills.

5-I don't wear hats

6-The only glasses i have are sunglasses

7-If it is a big cup,i use 6 pieces of sugar

8-My eyes are both dark brown

9-I have a bathroom with sink in my house.

Pff,what a question man.
Asuman :))) *Hugs*

Thank you Pinar :)
welcome to the club :))))
well, i'm not interested in nail polish removers :-) but i prefer coca-cola not pepsi,pepsi is full of sugar!
Oops. Asuman is mad at us :)

Asuman'c谋臒谋m k谋zma. Ben 艧u andaki atmosferi Ermeni fanatiklerle didi艧meye tercih ederim...

陌nsanlar birbirlerini tan谋maya 莽al谋艧谋yorlar. Bir ka莽 abeslik d谋艧谋nda iyi gidiyoruz gibi geliyor bana.. Tabii ki bunlar benim 艧ahsi d眉艧眉ncelerim..
Asuman, who or what made you feel angry my dear friend?

Anyway, here are the votes of the Nicosia jury...ooppss :)))

here are my answers:

1- I dont use headbands (my hair is short)

2- I dont use nail polish or remover.

3- If I can't find coke, I prefer fanta.

4- I take a paracetamol for headache and go to sleep.

5- I often wear a cap for the sun and/or to prevent my hair from flying in the wind.

6- 1.5-2 teaspoons of sugar in my tea (large cup)

7- I have reading glasses (and a pair for distance).

8- both my eyes are brown.

9- I have a bathroom and a sink. I want to change the bathtub for a shower cabin.

10- you are a sweet girl.
Dear Asuman,

I liked it your questions. One by one, I will answer :-)

1-I don't use any nail polish remover

2-Pepsi or Coca-Cola, it does not matter

3-I don't use headband

4-Nothing, No pills.

5-I don't wear hats

6-I have reading glasses and computer glasses (I mean same glasses)

7-1 sugar and a piece of Lemon (Asuman, did you forget it to write, I think :-)

8-My eyes are green-brown.

9-We have a bathroom .

Good Evening to you and for Anatolia big kiss...
there isnt any group here. here is an open forum. everyone free to ask whatever they wish. looks like you got a problem with that however you are asking very ridicules question at the moment worst survey question i ve ever seen. leaves me literally lost for words.
I dont use nail polish remover.

none of them.

From en yak谋n bijuteri

I take a vermidon.

I wear hat,not glasses.

4 sugars


yes,we have bathroom and also sink in it.



Asuman inanilmaz guldurdun beni:) Hatta Asuman mi? Asuman mi? diye resmine baktim birkac kere :)))

Bu arada icimde kalmis bir sey vardi ben de buradan onu soyliyim. Mutlaka anlayacaksin eger hatirlarsan: Saclarin cok guzel. Bilmem anladin mi neye istinaden soyledigimi.

Ha migrenim var benim bu arada basagrisi ile ilgili tum tavsiyeler kabul. Bir dil alti hapi aliyorum ismini bilmiyorum. Headbands ve nail polish remover icin ugrasmasammm! Tea me seker atmam. iki gozum iki cesme guluyorum su an renkleri kaymis olabilir. Evdeki bathroom ve sink ellerinden oper:)))
That's like asking, ';Do you walk to work, or do you carry your lunch?';

In other words, put away the crack or the meth you've been smoking, and post only ONE question at a time.

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