Friday, November 25, 2011

Girls and guys what do you think about black nail polish?

lots of stars are wearing black nail polish on their fingernails...what do you think about this?? Im a normal 19 year old girl im not not preppy but what do you think about girls and black nail just deciding if i should paint them black or not?????????????Girls and guys what do you think about black nail polish?
It's fine. I actually wear a really dark red called ';Naughty'; by Orly. It looks black from far away, but up close, it's actually a very rich and dark burgundy. I think it's a great color for fingers!

Mine, please?;鈥?/a>Girls and guys what do you think about black nail polish?
I LOVE THEM!! I am a total girly girl, not one bit emo or goth but I love black nail polish, its so pretty especially on short nails. Also it matches with almost everythin you wear. Try it once and you'll be hooked! Also my fiance never complains about the color (he prefers pink) but I love black on my nails!!
I like it!! Super cute. I'm also not emo, but I think it's pretty classy too, it adds some edge. Youshould paint them. You can do them plain black, or black with sparkles, orplain black with the detailed stickers or whatever.
im not goth or preppy..more on the preppy/hippy side. i love black nailpolish.

but i hear most guys dont like it--well my friends anyways.

i say try it...if you dont like it then take it off! thts the best thing about nail polish..if it gets old take it off :)
Black is amazing. Wearing black and black nail polish is just a fashion, and it doesn't mean that you are goth or emo. If you like it then wear it. I do and I'm not goth at all.
just because you wear black nail polish, it doesn't mean you're emo. i like black nail polish. it matches everything.
I like black, it's my favorite nail polish color

you should paint them black and if you don't like them just remove the nail polish

love it. people in modelling wear it. one of my favourite colours. i do alot so yeah go for it :)
I think its cute

as long as u dont wear the rest of ur clothes black

answer mine鈥?/a>
i know you said you weren't emo, so i suggest not wearing black nail polish. people may then assume that you are.
I love black nail polish- It matches ANYTHING you wear and i think it looks nice.
I like it, but i think if YOU like it, then you should.. Not just because some stars are doing it.
i like should try it...just because you wear black doesnt mean your emo or a prep
i love it! I wear my nails black all the time and i'm definitly not emo or anything. its a geat look.
black is the new red

sorry just don't like it.
im a prep/cheerleader but i love it.
I'm a big fan of black nail polish...wear it almost always:)
i like black nail polish, but i think u should paint ur nails because u like the color not cause someone else likes it

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