Friday, November 25, 2011

If my skin colour is tan ( not that dark) what is a good nail polish olour for me?

i need to know what colour i should wear of nail polish its confusing i alwasy try new things but the look werid on me

Help?If my skin colour is tan ( not that dark) what is a good nail polish olour for me?
go for pink,.If my skin colour is tan ( not that dark) what is a good nail polish olour for me?
I would say a darker red or even a a really pale pink just make sure its not a really stand out coler that would clash with your skin. My skin is tan too and I used this nail polish last week and its was white but a really pale white it was really pretty. Good Luck!!!!!!
With tan skin you can get away with most colours (I have tan olive skin). I think bright colours work really well. Pastel colours are not so good.

I like natural colours for day, reds and maroons for night.

At the moment I'm wearing bright blue and I've had loads of compliments.
Bright neon colors like hot pink and bright orange will pop. Light shades like light ivory, light blue, or light pink will make your skin look darker. Both options will go great, just depends on what you prefer. Honestly, you can wear any color.
If your skin is a little tan I think warmer colours will look good on you. Such as pink, orange, red, and maybe even black. To make your nails look more decorative you can add designs or patterns. Hope this helps!
If you want to emphasize your tan, go light. White or as close to white as you can find. Frosty White or a Very Light Frosty Pink....
Try coral from Revlon, but yeah pink is good especially bright pink,it really accentuates your tan
i like bright colors! yellow/ gold is the new color of the summer and yellow or a pink looks awesome on tan skin. im persian so i have tan skin too. =]
Oranges and golds. Maybe even yellow and pink would be nice.
well u can never go wrong with a nice fresh vibrant bright color.. like coral pink or somethng... or u could just go fo something suddle that makes u shine.. :) nail polish colors look weird at first but.. they get better
Dark,or bold colours, e.g, electric blue, hot pink, scarlet red ect.
Would an off orange colour work? Not bright pumpkin orange but a subtle more 'burnt orange';.

Not red!
bright barbie looks cute with my skin and i am also tan
u should wear pink nail polish! the tanner your skin is the brighter the pink should be
orange and clear.

it might seem way to bright but on the other side of ppl

it makes your skin color look lighter!!=]
i've found that rich shades of purple and maroon look great with tan skin.
a nice pale orange

a pastle pink looks good on tan skin
light soft pink
im the same color too. I wear black, white, peach, light blue

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