Friday, November 25, 2011

What is the best chip resistant nail polish brand?

I personally love OPI. I know it is not a chip resistant brand, but if you use it with the OPI top coat, it lasts a good long time. I just like it a lot because it is good quality and has good pigments so the colors stay looking the same, and also it lasts forever if you store it in the fridge.

My aunt swears by Sally Hansen chip resistant colors. She types for work and she plays the piano and also does a bunch of hobbies where her hands take a beating. She says Sally Hansen chip resistant with a good top coat lasts a long time for her.

If cost is not an issue, and you are just really interested in your color staying on for a long time, I suggest you get acrylic nails. The polish (even the cheapest kind) bonds with the acrylic and doesn't chip at all. When I used to have acrylic overlays, I never ever had a chip at all--the worst thing that happened was if I went too long between fills, the polish would actually wear off of the tips of my nails. But I never had it chip.

Whatever you decide, good luck!What is the best chip resistant nail polish brand?
OPI and Sally Hansen are the best. I prefer OPI I love it.What is the best chip resistant nail polish brand?
sally hansen hard as nails...the salon i go to secretly uses this.
OPI - using a base and a top coat also helps
I'm not sure but I've read that you should put a clear coat over your nail polish to prevent chipping.
Try brand name nail polishes such as Maybeline or Channel. Its costly but in the end, all worth it! Make sure to get one that pecificlly states chip resistant. Good Luck!
any of the sally hansen products...they really rock!
I have the best luck with Ulta brand - if you have a store near you, definitely get some. Last time I was in there a couple weeks ago, I got 2 for 1 deal so $4.50 for two small bottles and it wears like iron.
the best nailpolish that wont chip...well...that tries not to chip... is sally hensen`s diamond... then get the same brand`s clear coat to make sure it will last

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