Friday, November 25, 2011

What can I do to stop my nail polish from getting thick?

in the bottle- it gets thick before its half gone...What can I do to stop my nail polish from getting thick?
Pour about 2 - 3 little drops of nail polish remover (must have acetone as an ingredient) and then put the brush back in and shake.What can I do to stop my nail polish from getting thick?
Adding more nail polish to the thick nail polish doesn't work.

Add a very, very small amount of remover to the bottle and shake. Keep adding gradually until you get the desired consistentcy. The reason I say this is because if you're not used to adding it, you add too much and your polish is ruined (unless you add a bit of clear polish, which only works half the time).
It always does. Some people put it in the refrigerator. I would suggest buying the smaller bottles, as the ones without it are worse and thicken up and make a mess of your nails. I tried putting some nail polish remover with little results. Buy nail polish that has a ball inside that mixes the nail polish up. It is better. Makeup isn't meant to last very long. You should replace all makeup by 6 months as it actually goes bad.
in my opinion, adding some clear nailpolish to the bottle is better than adding polish remover. if the polish is metallic the remover may take the metallic look away.

to be on the safe side and not risking the remover to ruin your color, i would add the clear nailpolish.
When you want to use the thick nail polish, pour a jug of boiling water until there will be enough to just cover the glass part of the bottle. Then hold the polish in there for about a minute or so.
Add a little remover and mix it up...this will thin it out. Alternately...use it up quicker or buy smaller sizes....
nail polishe remover and shake it up!! its just bc its older, you cant stop it
pour in a little bit of remover and shake.

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