Friday, November 25, 2011

What do you think of black nail polish?

on girls of course?What do you think of black nail polish?
Many people despise it and label it emo. You have to have some degree of self-confindence to pull it off with out getting your feelings hurt. I wear it all the time. I'm not emo. Probally one of the farthest people from it. I just happen to adore the color black. It's classy and streamline. Matches with everything. Maybe try starting off with black tips first, the first time you go all black on your nails it might scare you at first. Hope I helped! Oh and I advise using OPI Black Onex

~KatieWhat do you think of black nail polish?
i think it looks cool, but on some girls it doesn't really suit there skin tone
well black goes with anthing so i think black nail polish goes with anything it was very popular with celebs in the beginnning of this year..its not all emoish
looks nice on short nails and when you go to a beautician to have you nails done
I love it think it looks better on shorter nails tho!! the colour goes wi mainly anythin n u see alot o celebs wearin it 2!
on boys or girls makes your nails look like they are about to drop off. nice if you like mangled fingers without the pain
it is like a nougthy girl or a bad girl
did you know that painted nails are actually the first thing a person notices when they look at you?

it depends on your personallity, if you were one colour, which one would you be?

go from there.

remember that black nail polish may give you a label.

how do you feel about yourself compared to others?

thats what really matters.

hope this was helpful. [=
emo, scary,bad impression. not many boys are turned on by it.
Don't like it. It's not a good color to paint your nails with. Red cool and some of the blue look good.
It's ugly, plain and simple.
ehh ok i guess
nice on toes.

best if you are wearing black head to toe.
It's alright but most people that wear it are goths and emos so you don't really want people thinking that you are a goth do you? Or do you?
ugly..don't like it.
black nail polish makes me think to the Gothics attitude the darkness.... but after all it depend of your style of life and about you're clothes that u usually wear...
i think its ok, but it chips alot
It's cool.

If you like it, who cares?!
it depends on who is wearing it. it can look goth but it can also look chic and girly.
I love it! Its awesome. Some pathetic lads say ur emo though, im not.
its too sexy
emo or goth that is what it makes me think
yeah it looks quite gud on some people x
I think it's pretty. You just have to make sure they don't chip and make sure they are SHORT! Don't go around looking like Elvira. =)
cool on someone like ashlee simpson or the pussycat dolls, bad on someone like paris hilton or britney spears.
I like it but it only looks good on shortish nails!

Goth/emo/chav it doesnt matter what you are it look great
If Lindsey Lohan did anything right, it was bring black polish into common use. When i was in High School only goths wore it but now anyone can with the right outfit and skin tone.

I think if you're tan then solid black (Channel has the best) looks great. I wouldn't do it if i were wearing head to toe black, it's a little severe, but even in the summer time when you're wearing bright blues or greens, as long as the nails are short (and squared off) it looks fresh and modern. Even a blue black looks good, as long as your skin is darker.

Now if you have a light complexion i suggest maybe a black with some red in it. Maybe even less of a black and more of a dark blood red. Black polish on a pale white hand just isn't a great look.

Whatever the version of black you get, make sure your nails are short (and i think even better with a squared off tip) and make sure you have nice hands. A dark or drastic color (weather it's Jet Black or Hot Pink) can only be pulled off by someone with a personality to do it and the hands to make it rock.
i think it looks right with the right outfit it goes with a lot of types of clothes rock goth not sure about evening wear though xx

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