Saturday, July 31, 2010

French manicure nail polish?

I want a nailpolish that is fast drying and glossy! Some nail polishes are like really chalky and mistakes can be seen very easily. NYC is the perfect consistency but it takes forever to dry. I used to have Maybelline Wet Shine in white but they discontinued it. Any ideas? I have Rimmel London and Sally Hansen but they aren't glossy :) I've been trying to find the right one for years. Thanks!French manicure nail polish?
i would use OPI polish they have two colors that i use on my clients the pink is called passion and the white is called alpine snow, i use these prob 9 times out of 10 when i do a french. also its not the white that you want to shine its the top coat you put on afterward. i like to use super shiney by creative nails, its also a professional polish like OPI. i like my nails to really shine as well no matter what color i have on so i always use the creative top coat. good luck!French manicure nail polish?
I am looking for an old Maybelline nail color that is maroon with some gold looking flecks in it. Does anyone know what color that is??? thanks

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pink =]
It doesn't matter if the white is glossy... or the nail polish for that matter.

Put on whatever polish you want, just apply a high-shine top coat.

Buff your nails too. The ridges in them make it look uneven, thus less shiny.

Hope that helps! :)
OPI. it's what they use in most salons, and it is great nail polish. one bottle will run you around 7-10 bucks though. well in California it will.
Use Sally Hansen then put a gloss polish on over the white polish. That's what I do and it looks great. It also helps prevent chipping. :)
i love seche brand nail polish for french manicure. they have a nice soft white and a pale pink or buff that is very natural. and a super fast dry top coat that is pretty shiny.

I recently had a french manicure done, and they used clear over the whole nail instead of a color and it was super shiny for a while.
french manicure, needs the lightist pink u have, and the most pure, i sparkels work to!!!!
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