Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whats your favorite color for nail polish?

and what would be a popular/fashionable color nail polish for a girl in highschool?

thank youu :)Whats your favorite color for nail polish?
Clear on my fingers sometimes a skin matching color.

brown, dark red, or nude color on my toes.

I think that the most lady like and sexy colors are the colors that match up with your skin tone. NO lime greens and highlighter oranges.Whats your favorite color for nail polish?
French for my nails and crimson red for my toes *French's on toes look tacky. A popular/fashionable nail color or a high school girl would prob. be... crimson red for nails %26amp; toes, French's for nail's and brighter colors on the toes, or light pink like Chanel's Pink Satin.
I like black, and neon colors. I also like peach, and purple ;) I give myself a twisted french manicure, by doing different color tips. I also use those Sally Hansen Nail Polish Pens to make really cool designs.
I put clear on my fingernails, and on my toes I either use red or dark purple on my toes during the winter/fall and in spring an summer I use brighter colors like pink, teal, sky blue and lilac.
Crimson red. Or a deeper shade of red. If you want to go with popular, it's not necessarily my favorite, but...french manicure.
I would say probably a shimmer kind of bronze probably! =)
Light pink (=
turquoise and bright blue are in for the season, purple is out!
light purple :)
i like black

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