Saturday, July 31, 2010

Help finger nails turning yellow from nail polish

you probly put it on nail

well i mean

you ddint put someclear coats on before the color

thats why they look like yellow crap

same thing hapen to me i have a few marks left not big but not cute lolHelp finger nails turning yellow from nail polish
rub half a cut lemon on them. you can try using bleach but its pretty harmful, and lemon works better. give your nails a break from the polish for a bit and use a paint on nail treatment for a week, I think Salley Hansen has a few products in her line for around 10 bucks or cheaper.

xHelp finger nails turning yellow from nail polish
Nails don't breathe. They are just like hair, dead cells formed to protect what ever part they are on. Hair protects your head from the ';elements'; and nails protect your fingers from injury (another good reason not to bite them!)

Usually the yellowing is from polish pigment. The really bad yellowing is from darker colors like burgandy's and wines and reds, etc.

There is another though...besides smoking... using a cheap base coat that contains the chemical ';nitro cellulose'; will yellow nails. Choose one wisely. Most ';drug store'; brands contain this, so you may have to go to a salon and find one.

You can try LIGHTLY buffing the nail to remove the stain. BUT don't over do it because you will make your nails thin by over buffing, and you shouldn't buff a nail more than every 6 weeks or so. You might also want to try just using a clear coat for awhile.

Good luck!

nope maybe cuz you smoke too many blunts

don't smoke anything!
YEAH I totally have the same problem as you haha

except it's my toenails. they're turning a little yellow cause of my polish

some books say that you should put a clear coat under the colour polish, and i always do that, but my nails are turning yellow, so i read this other book, and it says that sometimes u should just let your nail breathe and don't put any polish for like a wee, every month

and use lemon juice to get the yellow off, like that person before me said!
its the dye from the color you have to put on a clear coat of pokish first then the color
very likly theres to much benzene it the polish but know worrys stop useing the stuff and you should be right when your older and its out of your system so your babys wont be deformed;鈥?/a>
Vitaman c tablets or more milk
its from the nail polish. give your nails a break for a while...but i have found if you soak your nails in bleach for a couple minutes it gets all the yellow off. just make sure you wash your hands super well!
Put your fingers in room temperature water and leave them in there for about 1 and a half mins and dry them thourally and put a clear coat on and wait for that to dry then put 2 layers of the colour that you want.....try works!!

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