Saturday, July 31, 2010

What color nail polish goes best with this?

i'm not much of a make-up-and-clothes type of girl so i'm not sure how to pull this off, but for my school's homecoming, i'm wearing a black dress with a royal blue ribbon around the chest area. i have dark brown hair and eyes. what should i paint mt nails and toe nails? i was thinking a soft pink or a dark red, but i'm not sure...any advice would help so much!What color nail polish goes best with this?
i think i have the same dress as you! but any ways i think im going to paint my nails with a french manicure and pedicure and on my nails i am going to get the color of the ribbon used on the flower and black detailing on itWhat color nail polish goes best with this?
The red would be more appropriate for fall and would stand out more than a light pink. Light pink is great for summer when your skin is most likely to be tan. Ask the cosmetic clerk to help you choose a blue red, which is softer than a dark red and compliments most skin colors. Have fun!
Get a french manicure. You can never go wrong that way. Don't do the red. It will be to screaming. Go with the pink if you don't want to spend the money and get a french manicure. The dress sounds really nice with the blue ribbon
i think a soft pink

it will match better than red and blue black and pink go great together!

answer mine :);鈥?/a>
i will choose match colour with dress.

if i wear dress like that i will choose blue (same colour with ribbon)both nails and toe nails.
i think a french manicure would look the best or the royal blue to match the ribbon but u dnt want blue

paint them black or royal blue, or french manicure
when in doubt... get a french.

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