Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nail Polish with Black and Blue Dress?

What nail polish would go best with a black dress with blue beading?Nail Polish with Black and Blue Dress?
I'd wear black.

Or a French manicure.Nail Polish with Black and Blue Dress?
a french manicure nail goes well with everything, and because its subtle it wont draw attention from the dress or you.
Try a color that woould really pop and bring life to the dress then use accessories the same color!

-try bright red or hot pink or even broght orange!
if the blue is like a dark navy and if the dress is a little formal:a pure white or soft creme looking color.

BUT if the dress is fun and flirty and the blue is bright and vivid i would say deep red. black blue and red are really stylish. take forever21 for example, they have a whole section of clothing based on those colors and they're super cute.
it depends what kind of shade the blue is. if it's a dark navy blue, go for a dark navy blue. if it's like turquoise, go for black.

however, i think red goes with everything, too. or a french manicure.

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