Saturday, July 31, 2010

What kind of nail polish colors are in right now?

dark? light? neutral? metallic? bright?...or specific colors?What kind of nail polish colors are in right now?
Darker colors are in style right now, like dark purples and navy blues. As we move into spring, you will see pale pinks and neutrals, and then the colors will brighten up for summer.What kind of nail polish colors are in right now?
Well for things such as school the colors that are in at my school are black and bright colors.

If not school then I have no idea.
neutral red
black: bright pink: dark purple
Pink is this seasons hottest colour apparently
neon pink :)
Pale pink is really in, any kind of pastels like that.

If your into bright colors I would go with a hot pink or a Purple.
Really bright colors are in right now. Try eye-popping pinks or lime greens.
Lights like pink are in becuase the natural femine look is in. Just ask Rachel Zoe (celebrity stylist %26amp; autor) tyra banks, or carmniee from what not to wear.

The Clasic French Manicure is a never fail for any age and style.

Black is in as well. But it doesn't look good on pale skin, or long nails, keep your nails short.

All so you can never go wrong with the classic femine bright red or pink

Another idea is to do a fun dark color like black or dark blue and then paint 2 coats over it in a glittery pear color. Its metallic but not as extreme and more feminie
Neons, i guess... reminds me of the ugly 80's colors
you will never ever go wrong with a french manicure.
well at my school people are wearing bright colors.

like neon pink or green.

and thats fine with me cause its my favorite :)

Light pink with white tips
Hot pink, dark purple is just now starting to fade away....
PINK IS INK!!!!!!!! haha, that doesn't make ANY sense but i'm the kinda kid to do stuff like that!

but seriously pink is in
baby colors,light light pink ,baby blue,peach,rose,springy colors!
ignore them, i work in a professional nail salon and i know for a fact that the main colors are very light colors and shimmers, keeping it simple and natural is IN, hope ur nails turn our good!
well right now...french manicures with the black tip and a white lining are in...also natural nude colors are in..nothing too bright! save that for the summer
bright pink
hot pink with little black stars
i like bright on my finger nails

and dark on my toes!

but i dont know whats in

everyone wears different

ones. just go with whatever you

right now:

hot pink



mine r hot pink right now lol!!
Darks are popular now, partly because it's winter here. Deep, rich shades of burgundy, blue, maroon and even dark gray with sparkles are hot.

I really like one called ';Take A Chance'; by Orly. It's sort-of maroon, but changes to copper in the light. Very sexy!

Of course, a clean french is always nice, maybe with a translucent blue, purple or pink for the base as a variation.

Don't forget the toes too!

Have fun!
Bright colors %26amp; black
ive seen a lot of people with neon

but i like french manicures
Right now, according to seventeen magazine 'Indian' type colors like the ones from sahris are extremely high fashion. So anything bright like yello, hot pink..etc. Also , the color purple, is extremely popular..Everyone at my high school, which is all like super popular preps. All purple nails
pink whether it be light or dark or bright any tone in color pink nailpolish looks try out dear.....
NEONS!!!! or black, but thats kinda faded a bit
Hot pink is hot.

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