Saturday, July 31, 2010

What is so god about OPI nail polish?

The OPI polishes have lower chemical amounts than in nail polishes you find at drugstores or mass-market retailers. They also last quite a bit longer, apply smoother and are not tested on animals. :)

Now, with that said, each person has their own favorite polish, so you'd have to try them to see if they work for you. Essie is another polish that is highly liked, so you might try those as well.

Fantastic color selection in both lines.

Best of luck!

Bionic BeautyWhat is so god about OPI nail polish?
I bought a bottle about a year ago. I like the polish as it stayed much longer than most other polishes. Less chipping off the ends. Just my personal experience.What is so god about OPI nail polish?
I like OPI, it tends not to chip as easily as store brands and the colors are amazing. Personally, I don't like essie polish, it seems to fall right off of my nails. Basically, it is all personal preference.
OPI nail polish is not god
Absolutely nothing special and worth the extra money. They do have a line (or at least used to) called ';Nicole';, that was supposed to be more environmentally friendly and had a portion of sales go to politically active groups such as ';Rock the Vote';. Problems with the Nicole line was they were even MORE expensive than regular OPI polish, and the polish itself was kind of thin, at least three coats needed for uniform color. It was packaged well in very cool looking bottles.
its pretty much the same as regular polish

only sold in salons
I find the same thing with Essie polishes if I don't use a base and top coat. I got my nails done with Essie polish once, and it stayed for a good amount of time. OPI polishes are nice, they have a good selection of colours, no animal testing, and the brush is really nice-it's a flatter brush than on what you'd find in a drugstore, so it really helps with the application.

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