Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is red nail polish too ';adult'; for a 12 year old?

Im graduating the 6th grade in like, 2 days and i wanted to get my nails done, so i got red sparkly. My step mom thinks the color red is to ';Sexual';? is it? Theres a red stripe on my dress im gonna wear, thats why i got it, but is it like, appropriate?Is red nail polish too ';adult'; for a 12 year old?
Lol. Red is very appropiate.

I've had a friend in the 7th grade with neon pink nails;;

Kind of makes her look hoochy mama xD Butttttt.

Doesnt matter

Cause Trends are changing now a days %26amp;%26amp; kidds now are wearing VERYY out there? clothes %26amp;%26amp; accessories So

Red is no big deal

%26amp;%26amp; besides it sounds good with the dress :]

Good luck %26lt;3Is red nail polish too ';adult'; for a 12 year old?
Well you can wear red nail polish and make a design on it. If there red stripes on the dress ur wearing then if ur dress iss white. then paint ur nails white with red stripes.

that will look good then just plain red...and also more not so ';adult';

so do a design!!!
Just because red signify as being hot, does not mean that you are. Its just to match your dress and nothing else mom. So have a joyous graduation,
definitely. red is cute! and I mean it's just nail polish, I don't think there is such a thing as an inappropriate color for nail polish. :)
psha nooooooo. i'll be 13 in less than a month and i've been wearing red nail polish sice i was like, 1. Your stepmom's overeacting.
red polish is gorgeous. Yes it's appropriate.
lol no?

why would a color on your nails mean anythingg?
yahoo answers is too ';adult'; for a 12 year old

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