Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chipping nail polish no matter what?

No matter what I do (cleaning, filing, buffing, base coat, top coat etc etc) my nail polish always chips away - generally starting the next day. What on earth am I doing wrong?!

Why base %26amp; top coat do you recommend? Am I missing some kind of step? Any help at all would be great!Chipping nail polish no matter what?
after u put a few coats of paint on wipe most of it off the brush and lightly (and gently so u dont get any on ur skin) paint the edge of the tip with the brush. apply a topcoat every night and that should make it chip less..alos use higher quality nailpolish...if u can peel it off or it chips easily its either old and needs to be replaced or its cheap or both... i use OPI and mine doesnt chip..i also paint the edges where the chips usually begin

good luck Chipping nail polish no matter what?
Try to use real thin coats. The thicker the coat of polish the faster it chips. Base coats are used to prevent the polish from staining your nails (usually yellow) so if you keep them painted than that may be an unnecessary step. The less on your nail the better. However, the thinnest top coat you can get on the better. It does help prevent chipping. With thin coats you may have to apply more coats though.
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Try this it usually works:

1.Base Coat

2.Nail Polish

3.Top Coat

4.Apply the top coat again every two days it works for me.
try using clear nail polish after your done. do, three or four coats of color than 3 coats of clear, i have the same problem. it still doesnt last that long but longer than without
usually i have the same problem but then i started recoating it before i go out or before i do somthing that i think will chip them
try putting on a new layer of top coat every day. I have the same problem, but mine usually starts the day that i painted them.
I buff before I paint and then make sure that you are not putting too much polish on, that will make it chip. I also use sally hansens as a top coat, it works great for me
try doing more layers of the paint and go over it with clear kwickdry and it should stay longer.
It happens to me too I guess I'm just use the wrong kind!
Lmao ... Give up!

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