Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What color nail polish do you use?

i'm still into black nail polish

but idk

i'm thinkin of tryin a new color

i want something that isn't too flashy

or stands out too much

but idkWhat color nail polish do you use?
ok i love nails and nail polishes so ..

dark almost black color: OPI midnight in moscow or OPI lincoln park after dark

dark red colors: essie material girl, essie wicked, or essie clutch me if you can

and gray/silvery is a nice alternative it has been popular with some celebs recently so i especially like...OPI sheer your toys

hope that helped!What color nail polish do you use?
then why do you wear black nail polish. to me black always stands out...if you are a rocker, try hot pink, but not glittery, just hot pink. on rockers that always looks good and not one bit girly. or try a dark purple or dark blue. those are my fave color 2 wear
i love black.

but i change it up weekly.

i love teal, magenta, light pink, light purple, and maroon.
I really love silver. It depends on how much you want it to stand out and you can get different shades of it..
Barbie pink- surprisingly, it actually is very very flattering, in a darker shade. Looks good on all skin tones!
Mahogany, it brings out my eyes and draws attention away from my obesity and.
well i got this great shimme dark blue almos black but electric and brighert. i get comps on it all the time
Try navy blue!Thats the color i have on now
i either use a shimmery dark brown or a creamy color
A Dark Purple


Lime Green

One is dark the other bright.
shiny dark purple
neon pink
yeah.. neon pink rocks.

im wearing it now %26amp;%26amp; hot topic has some great neon nailpolishes :]

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