Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What color nail polish will look sophisticated yet fun?

first off, you should definitely buy the polish from OPI. They do cost $8, but they are well worth it because of the pro-wide brush head which helps u pain easier. Here are my picks for you !

pamploma purple- a purple that if fun but sophisticated beacuse of its dark color

got a date to-knight : a light pink that is very classyWhat color nail polish will look sophisticated yet fun?
i'd go with a maroon/dark red. it looks so sophisticated and great for fall. now that summer is nearly over, it's out with the bright orange/neon pink and in with the darker shades. don't do black, it's kind of emo. but this is just my opinion. anything dark and along the brown spectrum is great! just do whatever suits you! i hope i helped (:What color nail polish will look sophisticated yet fun?
Dark, rich tones look very sophisticated.

Obviously you would avoid neons and dull pastels.

Try black or red, maybe a deep brown or plum.

Hot Pink



and wat about blue?

and i think thats it!!!!:)

good luck finding some other colors!!!!!:)
Any color in a darker tone would be bold and different, but sophisticated.
Pink Lemonade By N.Y.C.

You can never go wrong with Turqouise.
Yellow! It is a fun color, and it looks sorta sophisticated i guess :S

I would say a scarlet, or a bold purple.

I myself like green and orange.
a dark purple...or navy are hot colors for fall, think gemstone colors.
Red or pink, but not a bright pink maybe? (: x
A dark red or blue..(:
if you get grey or mid-bright red it will work perfectly
white tips.
pink and orange


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