Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is black or brown nail polish still in?

i wanna do my nails but i never done a dark color on my nails before but i wanna try different things and step outta my comfort zone and school is starting tomorro so i was just wondering.Is black or brown nail polish still in?
I don't think it should matter what's 'in' or not. You should wear whatever colour you like most. Black and brown nails are gorgeous and work really well with Fall clothes.Is black or brown nail polish still in?
OMG!!! brown is definately in, because its fall. black is in, depending on your ';label';, i guess. id suggest brown, though. sooo much more fashionable.
blackk is in!

idk about brown tho D:

ans mine please?鈥?/a>
they arent the MOST in right now.

but they will always be somewhat ';in'; i believe! so do it!

also ';in';....emerald green, ruby red, french manicures, navy
Seriously, who cares if its still in, as long as it looks good on works! :D but, just to let you is still
Who cares if it's ';in'; or not? Have your nails painted whatever color you want to. I always have mine painted black.
Both nail polish are still in! You just gotta ,know which color fits you better!
not so much brown...

but black yeah.

try doing one nail black and another a different color (switch things up a bit)
I LOVE black nail polish. :)

Try that.
Who cares, if you like it then do it.

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