Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What color nail polish?

I can't decide what color nail polish to paint my nails. Any suggestions or likings? Monday I plan on wearing a black turtleneck, any good colors that would go with just black?What color nail polish?


-silver nd blk

-french manicureWhat color nail polish?
I just had a thought that metallic silver would look really cool, but I think that color is very rare in the nail polish market. Darker colors always look really nice. Dark blue looks beautiful with basically anything and is one of my favorite nail colors. Plain black works too, unless it's too much black for you.
Almost every color goes with black. If you want nails to pop out, try a light blue. I think silver looks nice with almost every colored top.

PS sorry, but I can't help but notice. It's Saturday and you already plan your outfits for Monday? ~
maybe a bright color like pink,red,blue,purple,orange,mint green, any color really

Answer mine please!

Mint green (:

Red nail polish with white glitter nail polish
Bright pink, orange, or electric blue. I don't know, I just imagined those colors in my head.
Sally Hansen Gunmetal.
for black.....of course something that will stand out

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