Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drinking nail polish remover?

is drinking a 500ml bottle of nail polish remover that contains acetone a good ides? i kinda did last night in a fail attempmt to take my life. please dont post if you think i need help as i already know this and i am dealing with it.Drinking nail polish remover?
suggest u give this some serious thought -- goona be reeeeeeeeal bad on ur kidneys, by the way -- what did it taste like? how did u get turned on by this stuff? ever think of mixing it with 7-up?? s i c k oDrinking nail polish remover?
Hmm... Well, lets see here. Acetone is an acidic compound. It will pretty much burn your insides out. And you will die in pain (mainly due to the hermoraging and ulcers around your esphogous and intestines.

Honestly, whats up man? Why?

';Frankly,I am very surprised that you are still around to ask this question.';

Couldn't agree more!
Clearly it wasn't a good idea dude. I'm amazed you're not puking all over the place at the minimum. You could have done some real damage to your insides. Go get it checked out for sure.
Get to a Dr. Im not sure of what kind of long term damage acetone could potentially do to organs if ingested. Im surprised it didnt make you throw up.
I believe if you truly did this you wouldn't be feeling well enough to post this question.
Frankly,I am very surprised that you are still around to ask this question.
Well if your still alive i can't imagine in being to bad.

(get help)
WTF!? You will be dead

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