Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where 2 find black nail polish?

I was wondering if anyone knows were I can get the BEST black nail polish? I really want to get some but I don't want to get a lame brand. Can you help me!?Where 2 find black nail polish?
Walmart sally hansen %26amp; revlon has good black nail polish.but in my opinion Hot Topic has the best I think the brand of it is called Cupcake Cult.Where 2 find black nail polish?
Boijour has great nail polish! But I live in Europe so i duno if they have it in America. Here is the link to their website:


i think they do cuz they have a United states website link on it!
OPI has a new nail set for fall, I personally love all the colors.

Walmart or Target. Rimmel London

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