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How long until your nail polish dries?

i need to take a shower before my 4th of july party, except i just did my nails. how long will it take them to dry?How long until your nail polish dries?
Depending on brand, anywhere from 10-30 minutes. No nail polish really dries in five minutes. It won't smudge when you touch it, but it's not really dry. I would suggest waiting about fifteen minutes then go ahead and take your shower.How long until your nail polish dries?
It usually takes a number of minutes. It depends on what nail polish you're using. Could take from 1 minute - 7 minutes.

I've heard that running your nails under cold water can help speed up the process.
5 minutes
It should take your nails 5-10 minutes to dry.

You could also spray a nail polish drying spray to make them dry instantly, but if you don't have one, it should not take very long.

Just lightly pat them after 5 minutes to see how they are doing and pat them every now and then to see when they are dry.
a couple of minutes
i like to let the enamel harden fully before i take a shower because it might get smeared. if you want it t dry faster i have 2 tips...

1. dip them in a bowl of ice water

2.spray them with cooking oil (like PAM)

- both of these methods are very effective.

good luck AND HAVE FUN
if u havta take a shower, wait a half hour, cuz the hot water nd scrubbing ur hair will scrunch up the polish. have fun at the party nd have a happy 4th
honestly depending on the nail polish:

cheap nail polish : 10 mins even 15 to fully fully dry

expensive: 2 mins

you really get what u pay for.
it depends wht kind of nail polish if its brand name then less the cheap longer and how many layers u put on it or if u did nail art
depends on how many layers you out on

just keep blowing on them and don't shower until you know they are dry.
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