Saturday, August 21, 2010

Would nail polish remover dry up pimples?

i know alcohol dries up pimples cause it also works for blackheads as wellWould nail polish remover dry up pimples?
hey...i've heard of lots of things but not tht i don't think you shud try it beacause its strong acid in it and will get in your pores and burn them..!!!!!!

pleace don't!Would nail polish remover dry up pimples?
Yes, and probably burn a completely new hole in that spot. I wouldn't advise doing that. Try using rubbing alcohol. Or just use a mild soap like Dove everyday on your face.
I don't think that would be good to use on your skin. Try a little toothpaste or an aspirin mask.
acetone is a really bad acid. dont ever use it for heaven's sake-on skin. try putting a toothpaste -not gel toothpaste- overnight. it wud work better. good look. God bless u with a good skin if u choose my answer as best. :)
Try a tiny spot of white vinegar and only on an area not too noticable, it might work as their is some acid in it but be very careful not to put too much on .

it will cause thm WORSE

plz consult a doctor or sumthin

istead of developing own ideas

n taking risk with skin......!
i've never heard that!! but i dont think u shud put that on your skin..... especially your face....

try lemons or garlic...............
Nail Polish remover contains sodium acetate, definitely not good for drying up pimples
no i dont think so. i dont recommend trying that either cuz nail polish remover is a really strong chemical.

you can get a mud/clay mask add dab a little on the pimple then dry it up
dont do that!! on the back of my polish remover it actually says: Will melt a styrofoam cup. LOL
uh no.

acetone will like destroy your skin... not kidding it will burn your skin and leave really bad scars. acetone is an acid that, when not mixed with water (dililated) in nailpolish remover, can burn through flesh!!


please take my advice.

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