Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why does my nail polish keep 'bubbling' once it's dried on my nails? ?

It looks terrible! It's not just the one bottle, it's others too, all different brands.Why does my nail polish keep 'bubbling' once it's dried on my nails? ?
there could be many reasons why your nail polish is bubbling. dont do your nails in a hot room. dont to your nails under a ceiling fan or outside. you can put your nail polish in the fridge 5 minutes before you apply and put on two THIN coats then a clear coat. but of course wait for each coat to dry. your nails could be bumpy so buff them before you apply the polish if they arent even and smooth. you could be applying too thick of a coat. the polish could be old. dont shake the bottle before applying.. gently roll it around in your hands upside down to mix the paint. after you apply your first layer of polish wait a few minutes and can dip your fingers in ice cold water to get rid of heat which will cause bubbles. also do that for the second coat and top coat. if none of these work go to the salon and get them done cause i know those darn bubbles can be so frustrating!! :)Why does my nail polish keep 'bubbling' once it's dried on my nails? ?
Try putting a bonder on your nail first. You can find it at any beauty supply store that sells nail stuff. Then when you shake your polish up before you use it...don't shake it! Instead put the bottle up side down between your hands and roll it between them. Shaking your polish causes air bubbles. Then make sure your polish is completely dry before adding another layer or a top coat. If you don't already use a top coat you should. It makes your polish look glossier and last longer. Also how long have you had these polishes? If it's more than a year to a year and a half, it may be starting to get old. It may be time for a new bottle.
omg that happend to me too when i get my nails done. the lady said its because she put it on a wrong way and the air bubbles kept popping up or seomthing!

plz answer mine

Don't shake the bottle too much before using, store it in the fridge, it'll smooth it out.
i hate that!!!!!

i actually heard it is because you put on too many coats so it starts to bubble up!


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