Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nail polish is Toxic to cat and kittens?

People who put Nail polish on their cats or kittens it is toxic to them. Read this link.It has all different kinds of poisonous things for cats and kittens.鈥?/a>Nail polish is Toxic to cat and kittens?
Well, nail polish is toxic to humans if we injest it. So im quite certain it is bad for pets. I too have seen that and am actually quite horrified at the practice. The animal certainly doesnt know or care that its nails are a particular color, I know that a no cat would enjoy the prodecure. And I can just picture a can not liking the feel of it and licking/biting the stuff off.Nail polish is Toxic to cat and kittens?
i was going to put yes it is toxic lol. thanks for the link! lots of clients that come into my work paint their pets nails and it amazes me how they think they wont injest it or they wont injest the fumes. there is pet nail polish though. i don't know anything about pet nail polish. have uve heard anything about it?

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