Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Painting other things with nail polish?

do you think if i painted the bottom of a pair of my shoes with nail polish it would stay for a while? any ideas on how to seal it to make it stay longer other than clear nail polish?Painting other things with nail polish?
The bottom of the shoes. well if your wearing them its not going to last long maybe a couple hours of walking.imagine dragging your finger nails along the ground.

The best thing that would last the longest is dying the rubber with a stain. sharpie or magic markers work well (permanent makers) those will last about anywhere from a week to a month.

If your using them for art (not wearing) i would suggest priming them with something that has a polymer base.. so that there is a layer that binds the two mediums together...

If your painting on the sides of the shoe and want to seal them. i would use a polymer epoxy 2 part mix and put a thin coat over the area that needs protection. Painting other things with nail polish?
seal it with polyurethane paint.

but it might be VERY slippery.

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