Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does it harm the baby if you smell something strong like Nail polish remover (acetone)?

I smell it by mistake and it is too strong and i still feel the smell in my nose!!! is it bad to my baby or does it make any damages in his brain of body?

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and so worry!!Does it harm the baby if you smell something strong like Nail polish remover (acetone)?
well we used acetone to kill insects in our biology class. so yes acetone can be destructive but maybe not so much that it will harm your babyDoes it harm the baby if you smell something strong like Nail polish remover (acetone)?
I doubt smelling it once will cause any problems, just may make you feel sick. But other than that, I doubt there will be any problems because of this.
well i really don't think what u smell affects your baby,but i would try 2 use those things in a well ventilated area just in case.hope i helped!!!
A whiff is not going to do any harm. If you were inhaling it to get high, the story would likely be different.

Your baby is okay. Congratulations!
i wouldn't worry. i think it would only harm the baby if you've repeatedly sniffed acetone in large amounts. everything should be fine but if you're concerned speak to your doctor.
I really wouldn't worry. It will only damage your baby if you are constantly sniffing it over a long period of time. If this was a one off there will only be the smallest chance probably none of any damage being done.
Not just a one of I dont think so.
I dont think it would matter if it wasnt prolonged inhalation. The placenta filters a lot of baddies before they get to the baby so dont stress. If you had drank it then that would be a different story.
Not if you had just smelled it once. If it was not strong enough to hurt you, then it was not strong enough to hurt your baby.
No acetone will not harm the baby if you smell it once or twice. The only way it would have an effect on the baby is if you were in a room for hours a day smelling it then yes it would do some harm to the baby. No need to worry though newborn babies are a lot stronger than we mothers think. Good luck!!!
i used nail polish remover all the time, and im gonna have my baby next week. you may not literally smell the nail polish remover yet, but just remember it, and your worrying yourself on top of that....i once walked outside of work (i work at a mill that DOES NOT smell good) and was so sure if i looked hard enough...i would find those blueberry cupcakes...i just knew someone had to be cooking secretly in their car haha...smelling things and worrying you hurt your baby by something minor is just part of being pregnant
agree with everyone else. if it was a one time thing and you were not huffing it to get high then its probably ok. you are still early in pregnancy so the baby is still devleoping so id' avoid using it altogheter for now.
yep it can hv a minor disease wen its born

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