Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When i remove my nail polish i can't get the sides?

see, i had red nail polish on and when i removed it, it did but i couldn't get the sides off. so now when i look at my nails it looks like i have red stuff on the sides of my nails.When i remove my nail polish i can't get the sides?
i have that same problem you could try a cotton ball or a q-tip

hope this helpsWhen i remove my nail polish i can't get the sides?
dump some nail polish remover into a small cup or the lid of the bottle. just fill it up enough were your fingernail will be covered. then soak your nails right in, this will dehydrate the skin that also got wet so just put on some lotion afterwards.
Qtips totally work.
this happens to me too. i think it's b/c you've polished your cuticals too. then they get stained. thats my personal opinion. maybe not though, ask someone who does nails for a living. although sometimes if you wait a while the nail polish willl be easier to come off b/c it's dried.
use a cuetip
Use a q-tip
Use this tip, just get a Q-tip or a nail stick with a cotton ball wrapped around it. It's easy.
try using a cotton swab
use a q -tip dipped in polish remover
when polishing your nails, it is a good idea to first use a base coat. The bc helps protect the nail from staining due to the color polish %26amp; help to give your nail strengh.
You can remove it by using a metal nail file, use the pointed end and scratch it off, or take a pointy stick and wrap cotton around it, submersed in the polish remover
You just have to keep rubbing the sides with your cotton ball until it does. Use some patience.
either use a q-tip or when your in the shower or your nails are really wet, just scrap at the sides or your nails until ir comes off
Use a Q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover, and then into the hard-to-reach zones of your nails :P
You need a real good nail polish remover and good cotton swabs. I've done it before where I'll buy the generic brands and in the end my nails looks worse!!
use a Q-tip and if that doesnt work then try washing your hands under warm water with soap!!! it will most likly come off!
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