Saturday, August 21, 2010

What nail polish color would be best for me...?

I have auburn red hair, fair skin, and an eclectic clothing style. It's usually a cross between preppy and rocker. Basically, I'll be wearing something cute yet causal to my friend's grad party, and I was pondering what nail polish color would give off an equally classy and fun vibe. I want the same color on my toes too.What nail polish color would be best for me...?
let the nail polish match the outfit.What nail polish color would be best for me...?
A cinnamon color would be pretty.
black nail polish seems to be a fad right now i have been wearing it for years though.
apply a color of what you will be wearing theres nothing better than matching clothes color with nail polish color. if you wear something red apply red if you wear something pink wear pink and so on
i say do french goes w/everything....and u could do the tips the color of w/e your wearing and put a flower or something on them!
black always works. its classy and its not gothic. but i dont know how it would look on your toes
silver would be a great color with your style. what about black.

that would look great. or you could do black,silver,black,silver all the way.

I also think matching the polish to the outfit would be good.

I also like getting a french tip in the color of the outfit. (Like blue tips instead of white)


I think you should get your nails done. Have them painted the color of your outfit and get white tips. (Like blue nails with white tips) It's something a little quirky but still nice.
were like dark purple and dark green
Actually my friend has fair skin and red hari. We went to hot topic and got a super bright pink nail polish! try it! it's great!
I would go with a rich red.

It will stand out on your light skin color.
why not a white? that goes with everything and it's very pretty too. Goodluck
I would go with a dark blue it would pop with ur hair and can match with just about everything

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