Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nails turn yellow after removing nail polish?

Every time I paint my nails using a certain lime-green or yellow polish they always make the nails turn yellow after I take off the nail polish.

So far I have only used regular nail polish remover. Is there anything I can use to get the yellow color out better instead of simply waiting for my nails to grow out or repainting them to cover it up?Nails turn yellow after removing nail polish?
Always use a clear base coat to prevent staining, in the mean time get a very fine grit buffing block and simply buff very lightly the surface of your nails, that will get the yellow stain off.Nails turn yellow after removing nail polish?
First you need to know that a acitone nail-polish remover can incress the color in your nails. next your nails are probly sensitive to the dye in the nail polish, so try buying a clear nail polish. first try scrubbing your nails with a non-acitone nail polish remover. then after letting that dry file your nails down to a little bit shorter than you like. aply a generous amount of clear nail polish to each nail. wait for it to dry and then apply any nail polish you want. let dry and apply clear nail polish and let dry. try this every time you want to paint your nails for about 1-2 months. after that dont paint them for about 2 weeks, then your nails will be fine to paint over with just nail polish. best of luck!
All nail polishes basically never get all the way off.

Like red makes your nails pinker,

Black also causes your nails to turn yellow

so the color change is to be expected.

there isnt anything you could really do about it.

except for put another color on.

good luck = )
it happens to my mom also the only thing i can really tell you is you have to wash your feet like 2 times a day and use the remover on it a couple times a day. my mom just leaves em and allows it to wear off. this is my advice column!
Lightly buff the top of your nails, then paint it clear. It happens sometimes. Painting your nails clear first help stop that in the future.
Use a base coat before applying the nail polish to prevent staining, if you want, use two coats.

Use a base coat this is what the nail salon uses to prevent your nail from turning yellow.
thay wont if you put a clear coat on before you put tha color on :]]

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