Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is the best nail polish color for dark skin ?

OMG!!! Do you even know what some of those colors look like on dark shin??? Do not use a bight color. Burgundy, and dark purples look very nice...

It is better to experiment because it is hard to tell what colors look the best because it depends on your skin tones... But darker/neutral colors not loud bright colors look better.What is the best nail polish color for dark skin ?
You might have been better asking ';what nail polish colors DON'T go well with dark skin?'; I can't see using yellows, you would look like a ghoul. Purple is quite dark, might make you look sickly. Red, and a lighter blue will provide good contrast.What is the best nail polish color for dark skin ?
Dusky pink
Any would work, go colorful, I personally like pin, even though I never wear polish, but I'm saying if I did.
Go with OPI

great nail polish, you can do bright colors or french looks great too!
dark skins are best at rocking the natural ! but if you really want color i would prefer anything between hot pink to red
very bright colours, especially for this reds, pinks, corals ect. or even purples

they sell it at icing! you should get it, it rocks! =]
I think for darker skin golds, silvers, whites, and bright colours too!
I like a coral color for someone that has dark skin.
how dark is dark?

HOT pink
purple or baby pink

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