Saturday, August 21, 2010

I don't have acrylic nails and nail polish?

won't stay on my nails for even a day. Does anyone know what I can use to keep nail polish on my natural nails.I don't have acrylic nails and nail polish?
Use Sally Hanson clear top coat.

Then spray on the Sally Hanson quick drying spray!

Works really,really well!

Good Luck!I don't have acrylic nails and nail polish?
Do not file the top of your nails.

Clean the nail with acetone remover before applying polish. Make sure to use a base coat also.

If the polish still won't stay on, then it's probably because you have oily nailbeds and there's really nothing else you can do about it short of getting artificial enhancements.
Soak it in homeless people's urine.

hm... do you use clear coaT?
***lightly*** file the tops of your nails, this will rough em up slightly, and create a surface that the nail polish can grab onto. next apply a clear base coat, then the colored coat, then a clear or glitter top coat. Revlon makes a good nail polish that lasts a good while.
here's what you need to try regularly file your nails to shape dont clip or chew them it will ruin them also take a finer sided grit of the nail file and file the top of your nails you need to get the ones that have 6, 7 or 8 steps i cant remember how many but you use that fine grit the smooth them with the smoothing grit buff and polish with the other two sides that are made for it maintain them like this everday only do the fine grit like once a week or it will thin your nails to much when you paint them use a clear base polish then the color and finish with a clear coat made for shine
Try wiping your nails off with nail polish remover before you put the polish on--it will remove oils that may not let the polish stick as well as it should. I also recommend using a base coat (not just clear nail polish, one that actually is meant to be a base coat) and a top coat after you apply the color.
first buff them using a nail file, this literally makes miniscule particles of your nail stick up so it can hold on to polish better. don't use too many coats of nail polish, but apply one thin coat at a time, making sure each has some time to dry.
try another brand of nail polish

and also , coat it 2 times , and on top pf that , use clear coat .
nail polish doesn't stay on??? could put on two or three layers of COLOURED nail polish and then put on one or two layers of CLEAR nail polish so that it'll have a big protection against -- erm -- whatever it is that pushes your polish off...

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