Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does red nail polish make you a little bit sleazy?

if u saw someone with red nailpolish would it make you think she is easy? at any age? if so what age is approate to wear red nail polish?Does red nail polish make you a little bit sleazy?
it just depends on how you wear it, hopefully its tasteful.

i think if you can date you can wear red nail polishDoes red nail polish make you a little bit sleazy?
I agree with Brittany. Red nail polish does not make some one sleazy. Some one is sleazy by their behavior. A lot of non-sleazy people wear red nail polish.

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Some people think so.But to tell you the truth that has always been my favorite color and about the only color I will wear,That's the color I also paint my toe nail,No other color.
No, red can be just as tasteful as other colors.
Red nail polish doesn't make you sleezy. It's the person, their dress, and behavior. Any age is fine as long as there's no sleezy behavior to accompany the polish.
I think red is actually reall nice in polish...
i think any age would be appropriate, but never, never, wear a bright red, it looks cheap. wear a dark red, it looks sophisticated, and popping if you have a fair skin tone.
We are talking fingernails here~

I think red is for special occasions.

Like red, white and blue holidays.

Christmas or a evening event.

Red all the time is a bit much.

I don't mind red polish on young girls when appropriate.

I much prefer a pink or, lighter colored, fun or neon, sparkle polish on anyone under 15.

I often wore red polish all the time, yet it leaves red marks on paper as it is wearing off and tends to need touch ups more that other colors. Touch up with a clear coat every morning to save the color. {Spa uniform- wear solid black or white all the time}

I have found that most people ';pick'; a color for the month and stay with it. Or just have a french manicure and occasional color.

I'm old school- I change the color once a week, so I can wear different shades of clothes. I always match my lips to my nails and only the RED lips are okay for an event, normally I wear a nude color with gloss. Too much of a good thing looks bad.

Toe nails~

GO FOR IT- I encourage woman to really ';Play UP'; those toes is fun or sexy colors, since that is for their viewing pleasure. Toes are for you, fingers are for the world to see.

I love red toes with artwork, hearts or stars. My favorite last summer was neon green toes with orange frogs on the big toes!

Have fun! Its only polish- change it and learn about colors and what you like, its cheap and easy to change.
at 15 is about a good age
I almost always have red on my toes. It doesn't look sleezy. Bright pink or orange does!

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